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KaitoxShinichi Doujinshi

I just recently came across this ADORABLE KaixShin doujinshi and thought I'd share it. ^ ^

Circle: No idea, I found this on Baidu (equlivalent to a chinese version of google)
Pairing: Kuroba Kaito x Kudo Shinichi
Characters: Kuroba Kaito, Kudo Shinichi, Kudo Yuusaku, Kudo Yukiko
Genre: Romance/Humor, Fluff,
Rating: Pg-13 (for the peck Kaito gives Shinichi on the lips)
Quality of drawing: The art is cute and well done, thought this seems to be a rough draft if the pencil marks are any indication.

Plot: Kudo Yuusaku and Yukiko tortures tests Kaito to determine whether he is good enough for Shinichi. Hilarity ensues...

Please note that I'm not a pro in Japanese and the comments I wrote are just bits of what I gleamed on the situation and the Chinese comments from the site I got this from.

Kaito meets the Kudos and the parents intorrogate our Magician about his 'intentions' to their son.

The parents intend to 'test' Kaito to determine whether he will be able to protect Shin-chan against all odds

Kaito is up to the test. He's ready for anything the Kudos will throw his way.

Yuusaku: "Transform!" into Fish man!

Shincihi: spits out his coffee

Shinichi is ashamed of being accociated with his parents

He then worries that Kaito will panic but is surprised when he sees Kaito fights against his fear.

Kaito is determined to prove his love to Shinichi and bravely challenges Fish-man Yuusaku

Shinichi wonders what he did to be surrounded by such crazy people...

Yuusaku reveals his secrest weapon. Fish eyes!

It was too much for poor Kaito and he runs away (carrying Shinichi) after a 10sec struggle.

Yukiko is willing to give Kaito a secend chance after his failure in Yuusaku's test.

Kaito is prepared.

Yukiko went into a speach about how Shinichi was shrunk and was stuck as Conan for a while

Kaito immediate responds that no matter Shinichi's age or form, he will love him regadless. Shinichi is touched by Kaito's words.

Shinichi: "Kaito..."
Kaito: "Shinichi..."

Yukiko: "Well, that's just wonderful!"

Yukiko's secrest test, tranform Shin-chan into Fish-Shin!

Shinichi is horrified and wacks his father with the mirror and turns to Kaito in trepedation.

Kaito freezes and tries to talk himself out.

Yukiko taunts him.

Yukiko: "Didn't you say that you will love him regardless of age or form? Come on here to 'Fish-Shin'  to prove that!"

Kaito fights against himself.

Shinichi gets annoyed at his mother and explains that Kaito is useless when it comes to fish and that they shouldn't expect him to overcome his fear etc etc...

Kaito feels provoked and kisses Shinichi to prove a point.

(Yukiko goes awwww)
(Yuusaku goes arrrrrghhhh...)

Kaito goes into a speech on how "Love prevails all"

Shinichi once again questions the company he associates himself with....

The parents are happy that their 'training' was successful.

an epilouge of the story

Kaito enjoys a summer swim when he was suddenly accosted by Fish-man  in the pool

Kaito it terrified and clings to Shinichi.

Shinichi scolds his father for his prank and Yuusaku just twinkles in triumph


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Jan. 24th, 2010 02:03 am (UTC)
Haha! Thanks for the upload!! ^^

(And just so you know, pg 4 is actually a link to pg 5. In case you wanted to know ^^)
Jun. 19th, 2010 03:33 am (UTC)
Apr. 7th, 2011 03:28 am (UTC)
Thank you very very much!! xDD
This is just too cute. <3 <3
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